Sunday, 2 September 2012

Design Museum: Designed to Win until 18 November

Designed to Win celebrates the ways in which design and sport are combined, pushing the limits of human endeavour to achieve records and victories of increasing significance and wonder. From the design of F1 cars to running shoes, bats, balls and bicycles, the quest for enhanced performance and function is endless.
Coinciding with London's biggest year of sport, Designed to Win explores the various ways in which design has shaped the sporting world. Analysing key moments where design played a significant role in progressing sport, the exhibition looks at themes of safety, performance, fashion, new materials and technology.
Film clips, photography and models are shown alongside interactive displays, sporting equipment and timelines. By examining celebrated sporting moments and the sense of shared celebration and spectacle, Designed to Win also highlights not just how design can influence sport but also how sport has influenced design, art and culture. (Design Museum website,

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