Sunday, 2 September 2012

Welcome to the Bucks VMC blog

Welcome to the Bucks VMC Blog.  I am new to blogging so I don't have a clear idea where this will lead, but I look forward to seeing how the story develops and I hope that some of you will join in, post links to your own blogs and your course blogs to develop the network.  I'm going to start by telling you about places to go, things to see.  For practical reasons, VMC sessions have to be lecture hall and classroom based, but I for one would much rather be out there, looking at art and design in situ - in galleries, museums, shops, exterior urban and rural spaces and so on - so save up those pennies and get out there.  Its amazing how much you can do for free, or at little cost, especially if you book train and bus tickets well in advance.  I will also post from time-to-time  links to web sites, discussions, blogs about art and - anything that might inspire creative ideas. 
So, I'll start by putting some information, pictures and links to things I have seen this summer, or would like to see in the autumn.  Please contribute so that we can develop a repository of inspirational things to do, see, read and discuss.
First of all - here is the object of the year, in my opinion.  That wonderful Olympic cauldron by the designer Thomas Heatherwick. A week or so before that amazing opening ceremony I went to the Heatherwick exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  It was only when I saw the ceremony that I twigged why Heatherwick had a solo exhibition at the V & A.  He was already a famous and successful designer, but he was about to become internationally famous. 
So I urge you to go to the exhibition 'Heatherwick Studio Designing the Extraordinary' at the V & A but you have to be quick as it finishes on 30th September.  The exhibition deals not just with Heatherwick's remarkable objects and spaces, but looks at the design processes including the display of models, drawings and digital renderings.

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