Friday, 7 September 2012

Whitechapel Art Gallery- Aspen Magazine 1965-1971

If you like Pop Art and design, this is the exhibition for you.   And its free!  The exhibition closes on 3 March 2013

Level 4 students - you could choose a front page or an inside spread for analysis.

Here is a description of the exhibition from the Whitechapel Gallery website:

The cult 1960s magazine Aspen featured contributions by prolific artists, musicians and writers including Peter BlakeWilliam S.BurroughsJohn CageOssie ClarkMarcel DuchampDavid HockneyJohn LennonLou Reed and Yoko Ono

Few magazines remain and on display are all ten complete sets of the rarely seen publication. Issued in a box, Aspen was one of the first multi -media magazines and became a time capsule of the period. It was conceived by Phyllis Johnson, a former editor for Women’s Wear Daily and Advertising Age, and inspired by Aspen, Colorado, a popular ski resort at the time. Each distinctive issue had a different editor and designer who took complete control of the magazine.
On show is Andy Warhol and David Dalton’s Pop Art issue including a detergent box cover, and a special British issue with British Knickers, a sewing pattern by fashion designer Ossie Clark, souvenirs found by Peter Blake and The Lennon Diary 1969, a diary of the future written by the Beatles musician. Other highlights include films by Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Morris, recordings by Yoko Ono, John Lennon, William S. Burroughs and Marcel Duchamp, essays by Roland Barthesand Susan Sontag, and a psychedelic issue edited by AngusMacLise, the original drummer from the Velvet Underground.
Whitechapel Gallery Website,, accessed 7 September 2012

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